Custom Electric Cargo Bikes...our specialty! Call (949) 648-0110 

Why Buy from icargobike? 

Customer Service: We are a small company, and will always remember your name when you call. 

Convienence: We assemble and fine tune each bicycle we sell. We offer free local delivery within the Orange County area. You can order a bicycle your interested in, have it shipped to us, where we can add on components you need, and add electric systems to it. We also offer some fabrication services for making your bike extra special, and nobody else does this.

Experience: We really know cargo bikes! Whether you buy from us or decide not to, we are always available to discuss cargo bikes, and answer your questions about them.

Selection: We sell the most extensive selection of quality cargo bikes available to you, in southern california, including Los Angeles, San Diego,Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, and beyond...

Test Rides: We allow our customers to test ride bikes before you buy, on city streets. Most bicycle stores do not offer this service, and it's free. 

Surf Racks: We developed our own cargo bicycle surfboard racks, for the Yuba Mundo V4, the icargo 3.0 Surf Rack. These can carry your heavy logs down to the beach, to areas carrying a heavy longboard would not be an option. If you want to carry multiple boards on your bike, that's another option, with our rack.

Business Bikes: We also specialize in building bikes for business such as our Yuba Mundo icargo 1.0 Delivery Bike Electric.

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Now Available!

ELECTRIC Cargo Bike!

Xtracycle Edgrunner is now available, but it's moving fast, catch one if you can...

Yuba Mundo V4 complete with Bread Basket = Happy kids!     The New Edgerunner...passes the stair test!

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Also Be Sure to Stop by the Surfing Heritage Museum to view an amazing exhibit on Sustainable Surf...which includes one of our very own Custom Yuba Mundo Surf Bicycles!